My name is Daniele Ricci.
My background is mainly in documentary film and corporate videography and for many years, I have offered my services to a wide range of international clients, which include:

HOPE - European Hospital and Health Federation (Belgium), Shady Ladies Tours (New York, USA), Trevignano Film Festival (Italy), and Küçükyalı Arkeopark (Istanbul, Turkey).

I founded my production company “Daniele Ricci Hedgiefilms” in 2015, with the idea of creating audiovisual content with a compelling narrative and stunning images while also meeting the clients’ needs. In other words, a product that is pleasing to the client and to me as well.

Our recent projects in the past two years:

-A journalistic inquiry on the economic impact of Covid -19 in Italy, shot mainly in Rome and Milan for TVB, the main television network in Hong Kong;

-A series of interviews, organized by Italian-German medical journalist Teresa Taddonio, focusing primarily on the effects of Covid -19, including chronic infections caused by vaccines. Shooting locations included Milano, Modena, Pescara, Caserta and Rome.

My Aim is to Do

Everything I can to make your experience of working with me



Life Experience

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been...

& people

We’ve Loved

I Actually Have a Degree

I’m Obsessed With

in interior design

coffee with biscuits

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

seeing my kids smile

my husband!

I’m Addicted to

I Started This Business

pickles with ice cream

at the age of 19

My perfect hobby

rock climbing/yoga

Some stuff you need to know about me

My kids helped me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

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